Ubiquiti airMAX RP-5AC-Gen2 US Rocket Prism Gen2 5AC 5GHz BaseStation airPrism US Ubiquiti R5AC-PRISM-US 5GHz Rocket airMAX ac PRISM Basestation with airPrism Technology, US Version Ubiquiti R5AC-PRISM-US 5GHz Rocket airMAX ac PRISM Basestation with airPrism Technology, US Version video
 Ubiquiti airMAX RP-5AC-Gen2 US Rocket Prism Gen2 5AC 5GHz BaseStation airPrism US

Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti airMAX RP-5AC-Gen2 US Rocket Prism Gen2 5AC 5GHz BaseStation airPrism US


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RP-5-AC-Gen2 US

Revolutionary Filtering Technology

Ubiquiti’s patented airPrism technology provides breakthrough radio selectivity in unlicensed wireless band performance. airPrism technology isolates signals within the operating channel to increase capacity and throughput in co-location deployments.



Full-Band 5 GHz Coverage

The Rocket5ac Prism delivers complete coverage of the 5 GHz spectrum with a single radio.





Adjacent Channel Rejection

The following spectrum analyzer interference plots compare adjacent channel rejection in three scenarios:






Signal coming from the antenna, as seen by the radio in a typical tower installation:
No filtering results in an extremely low Carrier to Interference + Noise Ratio (CINR) of -4.5 dB.
For a typical tower installation, an antenna frequently hears co-located devices as loudly – or
more loudly – than the intended CPE or PtP radio. High-isolation antennas, such as the Ubiquiti®
airMAX® ac antennas, help mitigate this problem by reducing the energy received by nearby
radios; this problem, however, cannot be solved by the antennas alone in all cases.
Both time-synchronization and filtering can help solve this problem. Time-synchronization
synchronizes transmit cycles; however, it is not always a viable solution due to non‑cooperative
radios. Filtering, on the other hand, requires no cooperation to be effective, improving
performance even against non-cooperative interferers.



Wi-Fi Filtering

Signal filtered by standard Wi-Fi chipsets, as seen by the radio:
The combination of co-located, off‑channel noise and standard Wi-Fi filtering performance
results in a low CINR of 13.5 dB and a corresponding loss in spectral efficiency/throughput:
2.5 Mbps/MHz TCP/IP throughput.
Wi-Fi filtering is designed for indoor environments, where access points (or clients) are rarely
co‑located. Wi-Fi filtering offers approximately 20 dB of rejection (of out-of-band energy), which
is more than sufficient for a typical Wi-Fi installation. For a tower installation, however, this
filtering is often lacking. The plot displays the low CINR and a corresponding loss in throughput
and overall system capacity stemming from ≈20 dB filtering by standard Wi-Fi chipsets.



airPrism Filtering*

Signal filtered by airPrism® technology, as seen by the radio:
A high CINR of 33.5 dB from airPrism technology results in approximately 7.5 Mbps/MHz TCP/IP
throughput, a 3x increase in TCP/IP throughput compared to standard Wi-Fi technologies for a
typical case of co‑located interference.
The Ubiquiti R&D team designed airPrism filtering as a robust solution for tower co‑location
interference. Requiring no communication between radios – and functioning despite noise from
other vendors’ radios (unlike GPS synchronization) – airPrism enables greater system capacity
and overall throughput by further reducing out‑of‑band energy.


Customer Reviews

Amazing product. Review by Steve
This is an amazing product. Upgrade from a M5 Titanium and glad I did. Highly Recommend (Posted on 7/27/2018)
Product Condition New
Manufacturer part number RP-5AC-GEN2-US
UPC 817882020275
Manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks
Frequency 5.2 GHz, 5.3 GHz, 5.4 GHz, 5.x GHz

Ubiquiti airMAX RP-5AC-Gen2 US Rocket Prism Gen2 5AC 5GHz BaseStation airPrism US.


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  • Price:$239.00

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Product Specifications 
• Dimensions: 88 x 40 x 230mm (3.47 x 1.58 x 9.06")
• Weight: 400g (14.11oz)
• Networking Interface: (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
• RF Connector: (2) RP-SMA (waterproof), (1) GPS (waterproof)
• LEDs: (4) Signal Strength, GPS, Power, LAN
• Enclosure: Die-Cast Aluminum with White Powder Coating
• Max. Power Consumption: 9.5W
• Power Supply: 24V, 1A Gigabit PoE Adapter (included)
• Power Method: Passive PoE (Pairs 4,5+;7,8 Return)
• Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS 74Kc
• Memory: 128 MB DDR2 SDRAM
• Supported Voltage Range: 18-26VDC
• Signal Strength LEDs: Software-Adjustable to Correspond to Custom RSSI Levels
• Channel Sizes:
    PtP Mode: 10/20/30/40/50/60/80MHz
    PtMP Mode: 10/20/30/40MHz
• ESD/EMP Protection: ±24kV Contact / Air for Ethernet
• Operating Temperature: -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
• Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
• RoHS Compliance: Yes
• Shock and Vibration: ETSI300-019-1.4
• Modes: Access Point, Station
• Services: Web Server, SNMP, SSH Server, Telnet, Ping Watchdog, DHCP, NAT, Briding, Routing
• Utilities: Antenna Alignment Tool, Discovery Utility, Site Survey, Ping, Traceroute, Speed Test
• Distance Adjustment: Dynamic Ack and Ackless Mode
• Power Adjustment: Software Adjustable UI or CLI
• Security: WPA2 AES Only
• QoS: Supports Packet Level Classification WMM and User Customer Level: High/Medium/Low
• Statistical Reporting: Up Time, Packet Errors, Data Rates, Wireless Distance, Ethernet Link Rate
• Other: Remote Reset Support, Software Enabled/Disabled, VLAN Support, 256QAM, GPS, TX Filter
• Ubiquiti Specific Features: 30/50/60MHz Channels, airMAX ax Mode, Traffic Shaping with Burst Support, Discovery Protocol, Frequency Band Offset, Ackless Mode
• Certifications: CE, FCC, IC
• Operating Frequency: 
    2412 - 2472MHz
    USA U-NII-1: 5150 - 5250MHz
    USA U-NII-2A: 5250 - 5350MHz
    USA U-NII-2C: 5470 - 5725MHz
    USA U-NII-3: 5725 - 5850MHz

Product Includes: 
• (1) Rocket Prism 5AC
• (1) GPS Antenna
• (1) Gigabit PoE (24V, 1A) with Mounting BRacket
• (1) Power Cord
• (1) Quick Start Guide


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