Smart Mesh Networking extends Ruckus Smart WiFi technology to create a new class of reliable and high-performance wireless LANs that are self-organising, self-optimising and self-healing. It is the first WiFi meshing approach that combines high-gain smart antenna arrays, sophisticated RF routing and centralised management with a single WLAN system.


How Ruckus Smart Mesh Networking Works

With Smart Mesh Networking, each ZoneFlex AP functions as a wireless node within the mesh. Smart Mesh Networking uses antenna-ranking techniques to determine the best upstream path through the RF to the backhaul AP. Smart Mesh Networking topology is automatically determined based on the potential throughput of each node. Potential throughput is the actual throughput of its uplink (i.e., how fast the uplink AP can get a packet to the wired network) as well as the potential throughput to the uplink AP. This is based on the actual throughput to the uplink AP, signal strength, and other considerations such as AP load and hop count.


Simple to Manage

All management of the Smart Mesh Network is performed from the ZoneDirector. There, administrators can view a topology map of the mesh, see associated clients and make any desired changes.

Proven in the largest outdoor mesh installation in the world, Smart Mesh Networking delivers three key ingredients that have previously hindered the use of indoor meshing:


1) high performance by combining 802.11n with smart WiFi technology


2) reliable connectivity between mesh nodes, using best path selection and interference avoidance techniques


3) ultra-simple deployment through the automation of AP and mesh provisioning


SmartMesh Networking

One of the First Intelligent Indoor 802.11 Meshing for Building Low-Cost, High-Performance, Ultra-Reliable Wireless LANs.



With SmartMesh Networking, you reduce cumbersome RF planning and costly cable backhaul, as Ethernet wiring is no longer needed to connect to individual access points. Enterprise WLAN deployment becomes dramatically faster, simpler, and less costly, as access points are simply plugged into any convenient power source. No extensive RF site surveys, cable runs, configuration, or optimisation adjustments are required.


Ruckus Wireless Smart Mesh Networking is a unique, new approach to building high-performance wireless LANs (WLANs). It reduces cumbersome RF planning and costly cable backhaul by lowering the need to run Ethernet wiring to individual ZoneFlex™ Smart WiFi access points.


Smart Mesh Networking dramatically simplifies, speeds and reduces the cost of WLAN deployment. With Smart Mesh Networking, enterprises now simply plug ZoneFlex access points into any convenient power source, and walk away. No extensive RF site surveys, cable runs, configuration, or optimisation adjustments are required.


Ruckus Hybrid Mesh also allows APs to be connected by Ethernet to remote mesh nodes. Forming new trees in the middle of the mesh, Hybrid Mesh takes advantage of spectrum reuse to increase system capacity while expanding the mesh. APs automatically determine their role in the mesh, and automatically react to topology changes.

Each Smart Mesh Network AP integrates a patented Ruckus smart antenna array with up to nine high-gain vertically polarised, and up to nine horizontally-polarised antenna elements.

This enables up to 4224 potential antenna combinations and up to 9 dBi gain and 17 dB interference rejection, thereby delivering unprecedented range extension and signal reliability.