Xirrus Wireless Hardware Upgrade Kit of 2x 867Mbps 2x2 802.11ac modular Access Points for XR Wireless Arrays w/ ArrayOS software and 802.11ac licenses Xirrus Wireless Hardware Upgrade Kit of 2x 867Mbps 2x2 802.11ac modular Access Points for XR Wireless Arrays w/ ArrayOS software and 802.11ac licenses
Xirrus Wireless Hardware Upgrade Kit of 2x 867Mbps 2x2 802.11ac modular Access Points for XR Wireless Arrays w/ ArrayOS software and 802.11ac licenses

Xirrus Wireless Hardware Upgrade Kit of 2x 867Mbps 2x2 802.11ac modular Access Points for XR Wireless Arrays w/ ArrayOS software and 802.11ac licenses


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Xirrus XI 802.11ac Modular AP
Field swappable APs provide maximum flexibility for upgrades

As businesses continue to increase mobile device adoption and migrate applications to mobile platforms, users are demanding higher performance wireless connectivity to the network. 802.11ac is the next step in the evolution of standards to meet this demand for higher bandwidth and capacity. 802.11ac solutions are being brought to market in multiple waves:

  • Wave 1 solutions deliver up to 1.3Gbps bandwidth compared to 450Mbps with 802.11n standards.
  • Wave 2 solutions take 802.11ac further to deliver a max data rate of up to 6.9Gbps

An 802.11ac based Wi-Fi network can deliver switch-like simultaneous data transfers across multiple users. Mobile users can experience application performance similar to that of the wired network. Enterprises can deploy high bandwidth applications like video and collaborative tools to BYOD users.

The Xirrus XI 802.11ac Wireless Access Points are modular devices configured into Xirrus XR series Arrays that provide best-in-class connectivity supporting the growing demands of smartphones, tablets and laptops. The XI 802.11ac APs enable organizations to meet the performance needs of their users and the RF management needs of business. Available in a Wave 1, 1.3Gbps module, Xirrus XI 802.11ac modular APs offer superior coverage, bandwidth and reliability.

Simple to Upgrade
The XI 802.11ac AP modules fit into the Xirrus XR Array chassis including the 2-AP XR-1000 all the way up to the 16-AP XR-6000 series. Using the same AP models across all XR Series Arrays provides consistency in capabilities, network services and management regardless of device. Xirrus modular XR Arrays are designed for simple upgradability. The APs within the Arrays can be easily replaced providing ultimate flexibility and longer lifespan for the wireless infrastructure as new technology evolves.

Flexible Deployment
Xirrus XI 802.11ac APs have the ability to switch between User mode and Monitor mode providing multiple operational modes within each Xirrus Array. Any AP within the Array can be switched between modes. In User mode the AP provides device connectivity to the wireless network. In Monitor mode the AP can become a dedicated threat sensor capable of spectrum analysis, packet capture, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. With a Multi-AP Xirrus Arrays, IT can protect the network with dedicated monitoring without compromising performance.

High Performance with Directional Antennas
Each Xirrus AP maximizes performance and reliability by utilizing specialized high gain directional Yagi antennas that aim coverage and focus the energy of each RF signal. The antennas have a special integrated metallic reflector for isolation between APs allowing for directional beam patterns. This unique antenna configuration enables the AP to minimize correlation between channels and automatically compensate for RF disturbances within the coverage area. Enterprises can cover larger areas with fewer Arrays while providing a Wi-Fi network with high performance connectivity to devices, even low power devices like tablets and smart phones.

Flexible RF Management
Each Access Point is software configurable to help the network engineers design and implement an efficient and reliable wireless network. Configurable parameters of the AP include:

  • Band selection 2.4GHz or 5GHz
  • Channel selection (automatic or manual)
  • Automatic or manual settings of transmit power and receive sensitivity
  • Traffic shaping controls for packet per second (PPS) or bits per second (BPS) to enable per user traffic or per SSID

The configuration settings provide granular control to optimize the Wi-Fi network for best user experience.

Product Condition New
Manufacturer part number XI-AC867-2PACK
Manufacturer Xirrus
Key Features
  • Access Point includes 3 high gain directional antennas focusing the RF signal for maximum range and reliability
  • Modular design enables future in-place upgrades and network designs that aim RF coverage where needed
  • Backward compatible and supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi technology
  • Available in 1.3Gbps (3x3 MIMO) mode
  • Configurable to operate at 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands to support a wide range of wireless devices
  • Supports channel bonding with up to 80Mhz channel bandwidth
  • Multiple operational modes enable the use of an AP for threat detection/packet capture/spectrum analyzer
Frequency 2.4 GHZ, 5.2 GHz, 5.3 GHz, 5.4 GHz, 5.x GHz
Antenna Type Embedded, MIMO, In-Building
Antenna Beamwidth 90°, 120°

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Physical dimensions Height: 2.25” Width: 3.0” Depth: 4.5” Weight: 1.1 oz.
RF coverage 120 degree coverage in 2.4GHz, 90 degree coverage in 5GHz
Radio gain 3dBi gain in 2.4GHz, 6dBi gain in 5GHz
Backplane 2.5Gbps PCIe bus connection
RF Management Dynamic channel configuration
Dynamic cell size configuration
Transmit power & receive sensitivity configuration
Radio Assurance for radio self test and healing
RF Monitor In-band per IAP Spectrum Analysis
Threat assessment and mitigation
Wired and Wireless Packet Captures (including all 802.11 headers)
Channel support 2.4GHz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Channel support 5GHz U-NII-1 Non-DFS Channels
36 40 44 48
U-NII-1 DFS Channels
52 56 60 64
U-NII-2 DFS Channels
100 104 108 112 116 132 136 140 144
U-NII-3 Non-DFS Channels
149 153 157 161 165
Xirrus Wireless Array compatibility XR-1000 Series
XR-2000 Series
XR-4000 Series
XR-6000 Series