RF Elements NBU001 NanoBracket® Universal Mounting Bracket for UBNT NanoStation and other CPE's


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NanoBracket® Universal is a mounting bracket with integrated positioning system designed for the installation of Ubiquiti Networks™ NanoStation™ and other popular CPEs. NanoBracket® is originally designed and developed by RF elements.

NanoBracket® Universal is made of very durable UV resistant ABS plastic and allows easy and quick installation of the device on the either on wall or on the pole.

Original & Revolutionary Mount
The massive growth of WISP industry and implementation of 2x2 MIMO wireless technology created the need of simple and quick installation and precise adjustment of wireless CPE. The H+V MIMO wireless link requires precise adjustment not only in elevation and azimuth, but also in third axis - rotation - to eliminate polarization mismatch. Polarization misalignment of just few degrees can cause loss of cross-pol isolation and the link performance will suffer.

Reflecting these needs, back in 2008, we designed the mounting bracket with 3-Axis adjustment based on patent pending lockable ball hinge. The first NanoBracket® was born. Since then, NanoBracket® achieved firm status of market standard for wireless CPE mounting system. More than half million deployments, and counting..!

Increase The Link Performance
The best RF performance of MIMO link is only achievable by precise adjustment in all 3-Axis. NanoBracket® offers a 3-Axis Positioning System that enables smooth adjustment of wireless CPE in azimuth, elevation and rotation. NanoBracket® 3-Axis adjustment is based on the 1st generation of our original patent pending lockable ball hinge.

Easy Installation
NanoBracket® Universal is designed for installation of the most popular CPE devices on the market. NanoBracket® offers original patent pending CPE positioning system using ball hinge. Adjustment of azimuth, elevation and rotation is seamless and fully independent.

Robust and Durable
NanoBracket® Universal is made of durable UV-stabilized ABS plastic and allows easy and quick installation of the device on a wall, pole or a console. Installation is simple and fast.

Technical Data

Product ID NBU001
Operating Temperature -30 to +60 °C
Wind Survival 160 Km/h
Materials UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic
Hardware - Stainless Steel
Weight 0.23 Kg / 0.5 lbs. – single piece incl. package
11.8 Kg / 26 lbs. – carton (50 pcs)
Single Unit Retail Package: 6 × 6 × 18.5 cm
50 Units Carton Box: 39 × 33 × 31 cm

Compatible Wireless Platforms

Body A
Ubiquiti Networks™ NanoStation™ M5 ,NanoStation™ M2, NanoStation™ 5, NanoStation™ 2
AirLive® AirMax 5, AirMax 2
RF elements® StationBox® Classic
Body B
Ubiquiti Networks™ NanoStation™ 5 LOCO, NanoStation™ 2 LOCO, NanoStation™ M5 LOCO, NanoStation™ M2 LOCO, NanoStation™ M900 LOCO
RF elements® StationBox® Mikro
Product Condition New
Manufacturer part number NBU001
Manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks

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