Alvarion SU-E-900-3-BD-VL upgraded to 8Mbps 809702


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Alvarion SU-E-900-3-BD-VL - Outdoor Subscriber Unit for detached antenna.  Includes:  Indoor Network Interface Unit, Power supply, Outdoor radio unit with N type antenna port, 902-928 MHz OFDM, Full Data Bridge upgraded to 8Mbps . Antenna, antenna jump cable and indoor to outdoor CAT-5 cable are NOT INCLUDED.

BreezeACCESS VL 900, Alvarion's broadband wireless platform in the 900 MHz frequency, is part of the BreezeACCESS product family, the performance and feature benchmark solution for license-exempt bands. Superior features such as non-line-of-sight (NLOS), extended reach, high capacity in all packet sizes, encryption, and end-to-end QoS for time-critical applications are key to its success in deployments worldwide. The BreezeACCESS VL 900 has been built upon the success of the rugged and reliable BreezeACCESS VL platform, plus the advanced mobility features with the make-before-break algorithm of the existing BreezeACCESS 900 platform. Enabling customers to get the best of both worlds, the VL 900 will support both fixed and mobile applications allowing long range, high- capacity broadband for rural markets with near-NLOS and excellent propagation capabilities that are inherent to the 900 MHz unlicensed band, but also take advantage of the high-power radio.

BreezeACCESS VL 900 offers both fixed subscriber units with enough capacity to service commercial customers and a ruggedized mobile subscriber (SU-M) for public safety, mobile municipal work forces and industrial field applications such as oil & gas. BreezeACCESS VL 900 provides the same simple, hassle-free installation that is the hallmark of the BreezeACCESS VL family. The new 900 MHz version also includes hardware-based AES and an optional upgrade for FIPS 197 (as do all VL products) to provide the secure encryption required for many applications without the dramatic reduction in capacity suffered by other software-based AES products.

Product Condition New
Manufacturer part number 809702
Manufacturer Alvarion

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